• Getting around
  • Cuisine
  • Coffee Culture
  • Sarajevo Nightlife
  • Accommodation

Getting around

Sarajevo is a city that is very easy to walk around and many locals do not own cars. Public transportation consists of trams, trolleys and buses. Taxis are very cheap in Sarajevo, generally costing around $2.50 in town and around $15.00 if you wish to get to destinations on the city’s outskirts. Most taxi drivers are very friendly to foreigners but it is advised that visitors ask around to find out the average cost of a ride to their destination and make sure the driver is using a meter in order to avoid being overcharged.

In Sarajevo’s center, biking is becoming more popular, but streets tend to be narrow. There are new bike paths built in Sarajevo. The city has several city parks and lovely tree-lined pedestrian walkways where cars are not allowed so many people ride bikes for leisure.


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cuisine is balanced between Western and Eastern influences. It tends to be rich and relies heavily on dairy products and meat, particularly beef, lamb, and pork, which is often grilled or barbecued. People usually shop for ingredients daily. Meat is always well-prepared and often organic. In towns and cities, a wide variety of quality restaurants can be found serving mainly Ital - ian, Mediterranean, Viennese, and traditional cuisine.

Coffee Culture

Much of Bosnian social life cen - ters around coffee. In Sarajevo, there are more cafés per capita than in any other European city. See a friend on the street, have a coffee. Need to conduct a business meeting, do it over coffee. Want a break from grocery shopping, have a seat at the coffee shop in front of aisles 9 and 10.

The traditional coffee is ‘’Bosanska kafa,’’ similar to what is commonly known as Turkish coffee. Espresso and white coffee are also served in towns and cities. Drinking tea is also a local tradition, although herbal teas are preferred. They are often organic, coming straight from the forest.

Sarajevo Nightlife

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is well-known for its amazing nightlife. The opportunities for nightlife activities in Sarajevo are plenty and range from entertainment in cinemas and clubs to opera and theatre performances. You can also find frequent festivals arranged in the city, showcasing the local’s popular interests such as jazz and film. The city has hundreds of cafés/bars, some with live music, others with DJ’s, rock music, and a lovely one in the middle of the Turkish quarter which has a huge aviary as its centerpiece. Stroll around and discover some new places for yourself!


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